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Consider making a tax credit donation to Cerbat Elementary School before April 15th to receive a dollar-for-dollar credit toward your 2019 state taxes.

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A Message from Our Principal

Julie Runkel

“Cerbat Elementary school is a place where we all come together to learn. The school is organized and designed to facilitate and enable teachers to teach and students to learn.
Cerbat’s educational goal to provide students with an educational foundation for lifelong success. The ultimate goal is to encourage students that learning is fun and that they develop a love for learning.
Positive attitudes toward school and long term changes in behavior are the behavioral goals for each student on our campus. Students are taught to respect themselves and others. They are given many opportunities to develop and demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility.
Award assemblies are held at the end of each grading period. Positive behavior and performance is recognized through a variety of awards such as Ramtastic Citizen and most improved student.
Cerbat’s school’s climate is exemplary. Classroom and school program reflect the school’s strong emphasis on learning. The school’s community total support for quality education at Cerbat is impressive. We believe that the school’s climate will enable each student to experience personal success and develop into lifelong learners.
Welcome to a new year Cerbat Rams! Let’s have the 2017-2018 School year be the best one yet!”